Why Don’t You Stay Lyrics – Jeff Satur

Why Don't You Stay Lyrics - Jeff Satur

Why Don’t You Stay Lyrics – Jeff Satur

Why Don’t You Stay Lyrics – This is an Engish Song of 2023 sung & written by Jeff Satur.

Why Don’t You Stay Lyrics in English

All This Time I Sink
Drowning Like A Stone
Tryna Close My Eyes Shut My Ears On This Throne

Losing My Way Home
Then You Came Along
Everywhere We Are, Felt Like Where I Belong

Lost In Your Eyes There Was No Place I Could Hide
Take Me Inside And Let Me Live In Your Mind
No Pain Tonight, This Place Is Reserved For Only You And I

Cos I
Wanna Stay
On Your Side
Even If The World Come Crashing Down Tonight
We’ll Be Fine
Hold Me Close And We’ll Just Leave It All Behind
Why Don’t You Stay

These Bruises And Wounds
Fractures On My Bones
Tryna Fix It All But I Failed All Alone

But Just To Be With You
Just You Lying Close
I Can See The Scars Fade Away On Their Own

***Stay Stay I Just Wanna Stay Here , Let’s Just Stay Right Here
I Will Be Okay , We Can Live Forever In Each Others Eyes.

We Can Live Forever Why Don’t We Just Stay Stay

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Why Don’t You Stay Lyrics – Jeff Satur

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