TRICKIN Lyrics – Dababy

TRICKIN Lyrics - Dababy

TRICKIN Lyrics – Dababy

TRICKIN Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2023 sung and written by Dababy. The music label is Dababy.

TRICKIN Dababy Lyrics


Fuckin’ Her, Pullin’ Her Hair
We Was Just Fuckin’ In The Bed Last Time, She Wanna Get Hit In The Chair, Yeah
She Just Went And Got A Wax, So You Know We Gon’ Act, I Can’t Wait Till She Get Here
I Make The Shit Drop Down Her Leg Like Some Nair, Yeah
Drip Down Her Leg Like Some Nair, Ooh
He Was Just Head Over Heels Bout Her Till He Figured Out It Wasn’t Fair
He Was Over There Drippin’ Her Down In Chanel
Drippin’ Her Down In Chanel?
Me And Her Was Just In The Cut The Other Day, We Was Thuggin’ It, No One Was There
I Was In That Bitch, Dickin’ Her Down On The Stairs
Dickin’ Her Down On The Stairs, Yeah
She Done Told Him She Was Celibate, Nigga Was Payin’ Her To Be Her Man
He Didn’t Even Know That The Bitch Was A Player

Trickin’, Ah, Trickin’
All These Niggas Trickin’
Trickin’, Trickin’ Real Good
All These Niggas Trickin’
Trickin’, Trickin’ Real Good

Psh, Shit, I Ain’t Even Gotta Trick, I’ma Let Her Friend Do It, Yeah
She Say She Like Suckin’ My Dick ‘Cause It Make Me Feel Good, Yeah
I Could Fuck Yo’ Bitch Back Then And Nigga I Still Could, Don’t Play With Me
The Dashboard In My Bulletproof Made Of Real Wood
Pullin’ Up By Myself, I Whip It
I Hop Out Rockin’ A All Blue Peacoat, Niggas Might Think I’m Crippin’
My Bank Roll Full Of Them Big Blue C Notes, Nigga, Don’t Play About Business
Lookin’ For His Bitch Like Finding Nemo, Nigga, Don’t Think I’m Swimmin’
She With The Sharks While This Lil’ Nigga

Trickin’ Real Good
All These Niggas Trickin’
You Trickin’ Real Good

Bitch Ass Nigga, He Trickin’ Real Good, Yeah
He Gon’ Give You All His Money If You Make Him Feel Good, Yeah
Betta Walk Up On Him Now, Make Him Feel Special
Tell Him Fuck That Baby Benz, You Need That Tesla, ‘Cause These Niggas

All These Niggas Trickin’
Trickin’, They Trickin’ Real Good
Him, He Trickin’, He Trickin’ Real Good

They Trickin’ Real Good

Written By: Dababy

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TRICKIN Song Details:

🎶 Song – TRICKIN
✍ Writer(s): Dababy, Produced by Charlie Heat
🎤 Singer – Dababy
🎧 Music Label – Dababy

TRICKIN Dababy Song Music Video:
TRICKIN Lyrics – Dababy

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