The Water (Freestyle) Lyrics – Cordae

The Water (Freestyle) Lyrics - Cordae

The Water (Freestyle) Lyrics – Cordae

The Water (Freestyle) Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2023 sung and Written by Cordae. The music label is Cordae.

The Water (Freestyle) Cordae Lyrics

I Ain’t Tryna Be Fifty And Full Of Regrets, Swim In A Pool Of Success
Drowning In Tears, Facing My Fears, Still Wonder What’s Next
Image I Gotta Protect, Puma Gon’ Send Me The Check
How Much A Dollar Cost If You Gotta Trade In Your Respect?
Watching My Words Ever So Careful In Interviews
Public Butt Breaking Niggas Sad That Y’all Get Amused
Modern Day Lynching Just For A Contract Extension
Well Aware That This Rap Shit Don’t Come With A Pension
And To Be Honest I’m Not Rich Enough To State My Opinions
But Does That Make Me A Minion, Or I’m Just Moving With Caution?
We Gotta Keep This Enginе Running But I Deal With Exhaustion
I’m Not Cutting My Losses, Only Dеaling With Bosses
There’s Certain Line I Don’t Cross ‘Em, I’m A Artist, I Draw Them
I’m Struggling With My Vices, I Keep Falling In All Of ‘Em
I’m At A Crossroads And Almost Lost Hope ‘Til I Found ‘Em
Grandma Told Me Stay Up Out That Water, Boy, Now I’m Drowning

Grandma Told Me, She Told Me Stay Up Out That Water
Stay Your Ass Up Out That Water, Man
I Ain’t Listened, I Ain’t Listened
I Should’ve Yah

Okay, Here I Go Again
I Keep It In My Written So Of Course I [?]
Trust Issues, Nda’s Sent To My Therapist, It’s Partly Embarrassing
I Wrote This In Paris, But Damn A Nigga So Maryland
I’m Staying True To My Roots
I’m Really The Truth And It’s Still People I’m Proving It Too, And That’s Okay
A Slow Burner And Fast Learner, A Cash Earner
I’m Really Them Crackers’ Worst Nightmare Since Nat Turner
I Thought I Told You Before
Battle-Tested, Stood Tall, I Never Folded In War
Hundreds I Throw In The Drawer
My Heart Colder Than Yours
My Scars Older Than Yours
My Hands Hold The Awards
I Fuck With Pharrell But I Can’t Be Fooled By Allure
Fly So High That I Sore, Jim Jones Had To Endorse
Strapped Up At The Airport With My Jewels Of Course
I Don’t Have No Remorse
End Up Crashing The Porsche, Life Is A Crash Course

Yeah Life Is, You Gotta Have Your Motherfuckin’ Seatbelt For This Shit, Man. You Gotta Be Able To Move And Break And Zoom, You Hear Me. Like Me And My Niggas, Like We Always Got That Shit In Drive, Never You Know, In Reverse. Never Looking In The Rearview Mirror Too Much, Just Looking Forward On What’s Ahead, You Know, What’s On Side Of You Versus What’s Behind You, You Feel Me. You Know What I’m Saying. It’s Just Another Day In The Life
Ten Thousand (Ten Thousand)
(Forty Thousand)
(Ten Thousand)

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The Water (Freestyle) Song Credit Details:

🎶 Song – The Water (Freestyle) 
🎤 Singer – Cordae
🎶 Lyrics – Cordae
🎧 Music Label – Cordae

The Water (Freestyle) Song Cordae Music Video:
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