The 6 Lyrics – Icewear Vezzo

The 6 Lyrics - Icewear Vezzo

The 6 Lyrics – Icewear Vezzo

The 6 Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung & Written by Icewear Vezzo. The music label is Icewear Vezzo.

The 6 Song Lyrics

Big 6, Nigga, Ayy
Know What That 6 Mean, Ayy

I Put All My Family On, Everybody Shinin’ (What?)
I Don’t Be Fuckin’ With Them Rappers, Everybody Lyin’
I Stopped Sellin’ Fentanyl ‘Cause Everybody Dyin’
So Much Water On My Neck, I Look Like A Pond (Iced Up Records)
Ayy, Big Booty MILF, She Look Like A Mom
Purple Diamonds In My Chain, I Look Like A Line (Dance)
Two Pints Of Acty Clean Cost Me Like A Dime, Nigga (Skrrt)
Pop An RP Just To Write My Rhymes (What?)
Stopped Listenin’ To Niggas, Man, Your Bitch Harder (Oh)
I’ll Up That Dog Shit, I’m A Shit Starter (I’m A Shit Starter)
Put That Cuban On My Charm, Now It Hit Harder, Nigga (Now It Hit Harder)
Love My Baby Morgan, Yeah, That’s Rick Daughter (My Niece)
Heavy Crippin’ ‘Round This Bitch, R.I.P. My Cousin
Ran A Fifty-Yard Play ‘Fore I Seen One Hundred (Flip)
How You And Your Baby Mama Say Y’all Need My Number? (How The Fuck?)
You In My DM Tryna Rap, She In My DM Fuckin’ (Tryna Fuck)
I Hate All You Lame Niggas, Y’all Be Clique Hoppin’ (Lame)
I Just Fucked Two Hoes, Call That Clit Hoppin’ (Get It?)
Good Roski On The Block Got The 6 Rockin’
It’s Just Me And Broski Tryna Cop, Yeah, He Stick Shoppin’ (What?)
Fuck Around And Relapse, I Just Wanted To Smoke (Yeah)
My Baby Mama Found Out, Now She Want A Divorce (Sorry)
I Let Them Niggas Sign First ‘Cause I Wanted The Most (Haha)
That’s A Million-Dollar Record Deal, I’ma Blow On A Ghost (Check It Out)
Speed The ‘Rari All Up Kercheval, Huh
Bitch, I’m Up Like I’m Vertical, Huh
Your Name Who? We Ain’t Heard Of You (Who?)
Pop Three Perkys, Nigga, That’s An M-30 Blue (An M-30 Blue)
Tuh, Me And Tizzle In That Big Bag (Yeah)
We Seen Dog And Left— In A Shitbag (For Real)
Doggy, Fuck All That Talkin’ And That Riff-Raff (And That Riff-Raff)
Ice Rollie On My Dresser By That Big MAC (Bang)
I Heard Them Niggas Killed Your Partner, Get Your Lick Back (Get Your Lick Back)
And You Keep Starin’ Out Them Buffs, Get Your Shit Snatched (Get Your Shit Snatched)
All That Muggin’ And That Movin’, We Ain’t With That (Uh-Uh)
I’m In The Club With Thirty Shooters, Me And Big Cat (Cat)
I Put Thirties On The Hoopty, Now It Sit Straight (Skrrt)
Drank God, I’m Finna Change My Name To Big Pape (Drank God)
Nigga Like A Public Schools, They Don’t Get Pape’ (Uh-Uh)
So Fuck You And You And Your Mixtape, Ugh

Drank God, That Way, Nigga

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The 6 Song Details:

🎶 Song – The 6 
✍ Writer(s): Icewear Vezzo
🎤 Singer- Icewear Vezzo
🎧 Music Label – Icewear Vezzo

The 6 Music Video:
The 6 Lyrics – Icewear Vezzo

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