Tehkikaat Serial Title Song Lyrics

Tehkikaat Serial Title Song Lyrics

Tehkikaat Serial Title Song Lyrics – Vijay Anand| Saurabh Shukla|Suresh Chatwal |Karan Razdan|DD National(1994-95)

Tehkikaat Serial Title Song / Tehkikaat Lyrics – is a Hindi language crime drama series / TV Serial starring Vijay Anand as Sam D’Silva , Saurabh Shukla as Gopichand and Suresh Chatwal as Inspector Bhinde. which was aired on DD National during 1994-95.this Tv Drama produced & written by Karan Razdan. This crime drama TV Serial directed by Vijay Anad , shekhar kapoor & karan Razdan. There were 52 Episodes In This Series.

Tehkikaat Serial Title Song Lyrics in English

`Jab Jab Duniya Me Jurm Hota Hai
Katl Hota Hai Khoon Hota Hai
Jo Raat Ke Saaye Me Palta Hai
Din Ke Ujhale Me Chalta Hai
Tab Shuru Hoti Hai

Tehkikat..Ham Yanha Tehkikat Karne Aaye Hai

Tehkikat Ye Hai Tehkikat
Tehkikat Ye Hai Tehkikat
Tehkikat Ye Hai Tehkikat


Tehkikaat Serial Title Song Lyrics in Hindi

`जब जब दुनिया मे जुर्म होता है
कत्ल होता है खूनहोता है
जो रात के साये मे पलता है
दिन के उजाले मे चलता है
तब शुरू होती है

तहक़ीक़ात .. हम यहा तहक़ीक़ात करने आए है

तहक़ीक़ात ये है तहकीकात
तहक़ीक़ात ये है तहकीकात
तहक़ीक़ात ये है तहकीकात

तहक़ीक़ात …`!!!

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Additional Information:- Tehkikaat is a Hindi Detective drama series / TV Serial were 52 Episodes In This Series.
  • Jealously Turns Blood: Tehkikaat Episode 1, 2 & 3
  • Green Park: Tehkikaat Episode 4 & 5
  • Revenge Of a Forgotten Past: Tehkikaat Episode 6, 7
  • Travel Agency Girl’s Serial Killer: Tehkikaat Episode 8, 9
  • Twins Illusion: Tehkikaat Episode 10 and 11
  • Terror Attack Conspiracy: Tehkikaat Episode 12 and 13
  • Miscreants Youths and A Road Accident: Tehkikaat Episode 14 & 15
  • The Mystery Behind a Missing Girl: Tehkikaat Episode 16 and 17
  • Mystery behind suicide of an Actress: Tehkikaat Episode 18, 19, 20
  • The Mystery behind Sleepwalking disorder: Tehkikaat Episode 21, 22 & 23
  • Supari – A Contract Killing: Tehkikaat Episode 24, 25 & 26
  • The Dowry Case: Tehkikaat Episode 27, 28 & 29
  • Shaq: Tehkikaat Episode 30 & 31
  • A Lucky Draw – Murders after a lucky draw: Tehkikaat Episode 32, 33, 34 (Starring Ashok Kumar)
  • Murder in a Swimming Pool: Tehkikaat Episode 35 and 36
  • Serial Murder by Sales Girls: Tehkikaat Episode 37, 38 and 39
  • Murder in a Party: Tehkikaat Episode 40, 41
  • Case of mysterious Bank Frauds: Tehkikaat Episode 42 & 43
  • Murder, heists, kidnapping and one Mastermind: Tehkikaat Episode 44 & 45
  • Sleep Talking disorder and a murder: Tehkikaat Episode 46 & 47
  • The Ghost Of John Parera: Episode 48, 49 & 50 Tehkikaat
  • Murder of Sam D’Silva (Last episode of Tehkikaat): Tehkikaat Episode 51 and 52
Song Credit Details:

Song- Tehkikat Title Song, TV Serial: Tehkikaat
Tv- DD National
Star Cast- Vijay Anand, Saurabh Shukla
Photography- Pankaj Prakash
Editor-Raaj Nair
Audiography- Rakesh Ranjan
Story Idea- Vijay Anand
Music-Sahrang Dev
Written & Directed By – Karan Razdan

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Tehkikaat Serial Title Song Lyrical Video

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