Robbery Part 5 Lyrics – Tee Grizzley

Robbery Part 5 Lyrics - Tee Grizzley

Robbery Part 5 Lyrics – Tee Grizzley

Robbery Part 5 Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung & Written by Tee Grizzley. The music label is Tee Grizzley.

Robbery Part 5 Song Lyrics

She Lost All Her Memory, She Lost All Her Memory

I Have A Seat, Look In Her Eyes, I’m Like, “You Don’t Remember Me?” (Me)
She Not In Aw, Can’t Really Talk, She Still Weak
I’m Feelin’ Relieved, I Tae My Hand Off My Heat
The Cop Like, “When’s The Last Time You Saw Her? Sir” (What?)
I Give Him My Card Like, “That’s My Lawyer, You Can Talk To Her”
Said The “L” Word To Him, Now He Feel Defeated (Lawyer)
He Like, “Bet, Here’s My Card If You Ever Need It” (Alright)
The Doctor Look At Me Like, “Sir, I Know You Grievin’, But, She Need To Rest, She Just Got Out Of Surgery This Evenin'”
I’m Like, “Doc’, Listen, She Gon’ Forget Me F I Leave, You Won’t Even Know I’m Here”
She Made Me Promise, Then Agreed (Bet)
Not For A Ho, We Been Kickin’ It Together (Catchin’ Up)
The Doctors Finally Tell Her She Can Leave, She Recovered
She Look At Me Like, “I Know I Don’t Remember Nothin’, But, One Thing I Remember Is, I Never Had A Brother” (What?)
“So, Who Are You, Why You Been Here More Than My Mother” (What?)
I Said Listen, “I Been Here Because I Love You, We Ain’t Never Married, But, Baby, I’m Yo’ Husband”
She Like, “Yo Energy Familiar, I Knew I Was Somethin'” (Knew It)
“You Got Me Out Of Situations, For That, I’m Grateful, Gon’ Always Be With You, And That’s My Way Of Sayin’, “Thank You””
She Like, “Boy, You Stood By My Side, I Appreciate You, Gon’ Always Be Your Woman, I’m Gon’ Always Be Faithful”
And, She Ride Everytime I Ride
I Made It Out And She Survived, You Can’t Question God (That’ Crazy)
And You A Vibe, They Ain’t Fuckin’ With You In My Eyes (At All)
And As Long As I’m Alive, Need You By My Side
You With Me? Let’s Get It (Let’s Do It)
All That Street Shit Behind Now (Behind Now)
Startin’ A Family My Full-Time Job Now (That’s My Job)
I’m Out Here Tellin’ Ho The Truth, Ain’t No More Lyin’ Now
I Got A Bitch To Play The Side, Or Get Timed Out (Or Get Caught)
Matter Of Fact, Why Fuck All These Bitches When You Got A Queen?
And I Ain’t Missin’ Nothin’, She Do Everythin’
‘Round [?] With The Girl Of My Dreams
Make It Official, Then, My Happy Endin’ Gon’ Be Complete
Next Day, I Went Out And Bought A Weddin’ Ring
She Got To Be My Wife, She Survived And Set Me Free
Before I Got On One Knee And Said, “Marry Me”
She Pulled Out A Gun Like, “Nigga, I Remember Everything”

I Remember Everything
I Remember Everything
I Remember Everything
I Remember Everything
I Remember Everything
I Remember Everything
I Remember Everything
I Remember Everything

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Robbery Part 5 Song Details:

🎶 Song – Robbery Part 5
✍ Written By Tee Grizzley & J.R. Rotem, Produced By J.R. Rotem
🎤 Singer- Tee Grizzley
🎧 Music Label – Tee Grizzley

Robbery Part 5 Song Music Video:
Robbery Part 5 Lyrics – Tee Grizzley

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