Pisces Moon Lyrics – Flower Face

Pisces Moon Lyrics - Flower Face

Pisces Moon Lyrics – Flower Face

Pisces Moon Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung & Written by Flower Face. The music label is Flower Face.

Pisces Moon Song Lyrics

I Survive On A Second Chance
I Feel Your Love Secondhand
It’s Someone Else’s Flowers On The Table
But I Don’t Mind
I’m Crawling Through Your Window, Babe
I’m Falling At Your Feet Again
Right Before You Run Out The Door
I’m Calling Your Name

I’m Trying To Be Less Volatile And
I’m Finding New Ways To Get High
But I Do It Again Every Time
I Can’t Walk Away With My Pride
I’m Always Running After That Train
I’m Always Running After That Boy
After He Leaves Me At The Station Again
Cause I Know It’s In His Heart To Be Good
I Know It’s In Your Heart To Be Good

He Was Born With The Pisces Moon
Dim Light And Honeydew
I Know That He’ll Never Love Me
But I Can’t Let It Go

He’s Walking Through My Dreams Again
In The Palm Of Someone Else’s Hand
His Dark Eyes Still Watching Me Spinning
Through The Chemical Glow

I’m Always Staring At My Phone
I’m Always Trying To Get You Alone
My Wires Crossed Along The Way
Now I’m Standing Here With Nothing To Say
Fell In Love With The Pisces Moon
Now I’ll Follow You Wherever You Go
Til You Leave Me At The Altar Some Day
Well I Think That I’d Love You Anyway
Yeah I Know That I’d Love You Anyway

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Pisces Moon Song Details:

🎶 Song – Pisces Moon
✍ Writer(s): Flower Face, Produced by Jay Merrow, Alex Bonenfant, Jost Kaiser & Flower Face
🎤 Singer- Flower Face
🎧 Music Label – Flower Face

Pisces Moon Song Music Video:
Pisces Moon Lyrics – Flower Face

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