Outside Lyrics – NoCap

Outside Lyrics - NoCap

Outside Lyrics – NoCap

Outside Lyrics is the Latest Song of 2021 sung & written by NoCap. The music label is NoCap.

Outside Lyrics

Working Fake As Hell
Time For Me To Start Investin
Shawty Say She Love Me
She Ain’t Head From Me Since Than

Nigga I Get That Type Of Paper
Till This Very Day Like Weekend
The D.A. Ain’t Got No Evidence
We Beat It At The Prelim
I Ain’t Tryna Get My Di*k Sucked
When I’m Out Of Town
We Turn Bnbs Into Strip Clibs

If I Can’t Bring My Pistol
Then Promoters Better Not Book Me
Put A Switch Up On The Glock
They Think I Gave My Gun A Whoopin’
Pull Up In Some Fast Looking Like
I’m Bat-man Nigga

Got Canary Yellow Diamonds Like
I’m Pac Man Nigga
They Want Smoke With Who?
Can Somebody Tell Them It Ain’t Safe
I’m Rich, Can’t Hide This Sh*t

Accidentally Put It In They Face
I Want It, I Buy The Bitch
She Say If You Broke You Got To Wait
I Can’t Het No Higher Then This
I Been On The Moon All Day

I Put Red On The Bottom Of My Shoes
Adderall’s Got Me On The Roof
I Was Counting Before I Knew How To Read
I’m Good So I Got Her Knees
Ima Outside Nigga, Need A Outside Bi*ch

I Got All The Techniques To Show You
How To Get Rich
I Forever Get This Money
I Don’t Care How Hard It Get
And I Ain’t Never Going Broke
A Nigga Way Too Lit’

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Outside Song Details:

🎶 Song – Outside
🎤 Singer – NoCap
🎶 written by – NoCap
🎧 Music Label – NoCap

Outside Song Music Video:
Outside Lyrics – NoCap

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