Nose Red Lyrics – Gucci Mane

Nose Red Lyrics - Gucci Mane

Nose Red Lyrics – Gucci Mane

Nose Red Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song sung by Gucci Mane. The music label is Gucci Mane.

Nose Red Song Lyrics

Damn (J. White, I Need A Beat I Can Go Off On, Oh)

Beam On Your Nose Like Rudolph
Keep A [?] Like It Rudolph
Like A Dog On Mute, Got The Roof Off
And Like The Super Bowl, I Take A Nigga Roof Off
Got A Good [?] We Can [?]
A Nigga Touch Gucci Mane, That’s A Shootout
I’ma Take Your Name Off, No Wite-Out
It Be A Dark Day In Hell Like [?]
You Dumb As Hell Tryna Walk [?]
Got Dummies Tryna [?]
You A Spirit From The Past, You A Ghost Dad
You Dead, I’m Lock, We Both Set
Put A Beam On Your Nose Like A Red Nose
Closed Case Like The Casket With The Red Rose
Let’s Get Onе Thing Here Clear Dеar
This Gun Right Here Could Can Kill An Antelope
Got A Drum On It Bigger Than A Cantaloupe
Chopper Choppin’ Down Trees Like Geronimo
Fed Is Knocking On The Door Like It’s Domino’s
I’m At The Hospital ‘Cause You’re Only Comatose
Last Night It Was Halloween, Fright Night
Got ‘Em Searching For The Body With A Flashlight
This Double Barrel Here Kill Two Deers
Crack Your Head Like A Beer, Happy New Year

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Nose Red Song Details:


🎶 Song – Nose Red
✍Written by J. White Did It & Gucci Mane, Produced by J. White Did It
🎤 Singer – Gucci Mane
🎧 Music Label – Gucci Mane

Nose Red Song Music Video:
Nose Red Lyrics – Gucci Mane

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