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Melt Session #1 Lyrics – Denzel Curry ft. Robert Glasper 

Melt Session #1 Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung by Denzel Curry ft. Robert Glasper from the Melt My Eyez, See Your Future Album. The music label is Denzel Curry.

Melt Session #1 Song Lyrics

Take A Ride On My Train Of Thought, Fundamentals What I Bought
Penniless, I Await The Emptiness Enlightened
Twenty-Six Years On Earth, My Soul Fighting
Habits That Ain’t Happen, My Body Has Took A Liken
To My Lifestyle, Battling Stress The Size Of Goliath
Slingshots Plus Hard Rocks, These Stones Getting Thrown
My Temptations Are Amplified When I Get Alone
Tried To Separate The Action From The Man
I Wholeheartedly Understand Why I Need To Grow Even Though I’m Grown
If I Did You Wrong, I Vow To Make It Right
Judgе Me Off Appearance, It Was Said To Mе, I’m Impolite
Eyes Remain In Freeze Mode, I’m Stuck In Fight-Or-Flight
I’m Deflecting My Daily Problems Within My Daily Life
Recognize Hidden Patterns Of My Own Demise
Why I Feel Like Hiding A Truth Is Finding A Lie?
Dealt With Thoughts Of Suicide, Women I’ve Objectified
Couldn’t See It Through My Eyes So For That, I Apologize
I’m Just Hypnotized, Working Hard To Empathize
Strung Out On Love Addiction And Groupies When Souls Collide
I’ve Been This Way Since The Day I Turned Six
I’ve Been Touched Before, Way Before I Touched My
Now I’m Almighty Pushing Through The Pain
The Almighty Cushion To The Flame
The Birds And Burning Bushes In My Brain
I Had To Make An Effort, Double Overtime To Change
Had To Journal My Journey And Mistakes I Made On The Way
Manipulation To Get What I Want
Getting Very Distant After I Got What I Need
Writing Rap And Wisdom, Whiskey, Women, Wars And Weed
Narrating All These Conflicts, Then Top It Off With Greed
I Keep Walkin’, I Keep Walkin’, I Keep Walkin’
Me And My So-Called Best Friends Don’t Speak Often
Blaming Me For Everything When They Can’t Point Fingers At They Selves, So Be Grateful I Offered The Help
Being Aware Is My Definition Of Melt
My Eyes See Imperfections Within Myself
Cracked Images, Bad Luck, And Broken Mirrors
Funny How I See In Permanent So Clearer
I Dedicate This To The Ones I Hurt
It’s Time To Get My Spirit Right On Earth
Before My Sins Become A Evil Curse
Conquer Thirst, Can’t Revert To Who I Was At First
I Channel God Through This Verse
Accountability, I Take Responsibility
For All My Actions, I Packed Them In These Soliloquies
Just Because We’re Not Friends Don’t Mean We’re Enemies
Thank You All For Listening, Sending Y’all With Good Energy

I Keep Walkin’, I Keep Walkin’, I Keep Walkin’
I Keep Walkin’, I Keep Walkin’, I Keep, Melt
I Keep Walkin’, I Keep Walkin’, I Keep Walkin’
I Keep Walkin’, I Keep Walkin’, I Keep, Melt

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Melt Session #1 Song Details:

🎶 Song – Melt Session #1
✍Written by Bridget Perez, Robert Glasper & Denzel Curry, Produced by Robert Glasper
🎤 Singer – Denzel Curry ft. Robert Glasper 
🎧 Music Label – Denzel Curry

Melt Session #1 Song Music Video:
Melt Session #1 Lyrics – Denzel Curry

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