Maffioso Lyrics – Kodak Black

Maffioso Lyrics - Kodak Black

Maffioso Lyrics – Kodak Black

Maffioso Lyrics – Kodak Black – This is a Brand New English Song of 2021 sung & Written By Kodak Black from the Album Haitian Boy Kodak. The music label is Kodak Black. – Spanish

Maffioso lyrics

It Was Understood That All Points Was Final
That ZMF 26136, We Mafioso
Lil’ Vulture
Lil’ Vulture

Thought You Were Mine For Life
Saying You Gone Ride For Life
We Grew Up Stealing Bikes
I Was On The Back Of Your Mongoose
I Put Pegs On The Mongoose
Got Tears On Her Volcano They Don’t Care Bout My Struggles
I Was Calling My Dog And Them
They Was Unresponsive
I Keep Nut In Her Tonsil So She Don’t Do Too Much Talking
I Heard Them Say What They Gone Do
Went To Stepping Like Kung-Fu
Sent My Hitter On So Much Missions He Said ‘Yak I’m Exhausted’
For Them Nights I Was ?
They Was Unresponsive
I Was Coming Home From Prison
Like Your Daddy
Thought I Was A Vulture They Said ‘Nah You A Mongoose’
I Could Get Bit By Any Snake And I Wake Up Getting Money
Six Ounces Of Molly, Don’t Go In My Cabin
I Was Calling Their Voice Mail
But It Was Speaking In Spanish
You Straight Like Yo’ Daddy
You Get Anything You Asking
I Was Giving My Love To Fuck Niggas
Have Me Losing My Balance
Sometimes It’s Okay We Fall Short, It Happens
Somewhere Along The Way We Traded Friendship For Fashion
You Was Blinded By Tom Ford
What You Wanted My Heart For
You Just Wanted To Crack It
Next Time I’m Around I’m Protecting My Assets
I Extended Her Bald Head
Now She Look Like Rapunzel
I Just Wanted To Love You
I’m A Piece Of Your Puzzle
I Was Sliding With The Draco But I Don’t Play With No Choppers
Thought You Was Mine For Life

Thought You Was Mine For Like, Mafioso
Thought You Was Gone Be My Wife, My Fiance
I Won’t Forget What My Mom Say
Tryna Be More Serene I Bought A Beach House In Palm Bay


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Maffioso Song Details:

🎶 Song – Maffioso 
✍ Writer(s): Ruaidhri Mannion, Christopher Torpey, d.a. got that dope & Kodak Black
🎤 Singer – Kodak Black, Produced By d.a. got that dope
🎧 Music Label – Kodak Black

Kodak Black – Maffioso Music Video :
Maffioso Lyrics – Kodak Black
FAQ Of “Maffioso” Song
Who is the Writer or Lyricist Of “Maffioso” Song?

Ruaidhri Mannion, Christopher Torpey, d.a. got that dope & Kodak Black have written the lyrics of the “Maffioso” Song.

Who is the Singer Of “Maffioso” Song?

Kodak Black have sung the song “Maffioso“.

Who is the Producer Of “Maffioso” Song?

d.a. got that dope has Produced the music video of the “Maffioso” Song.

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