Lord Knows Lyrics – JJ Esko

Lord Knows Lyrics - JJ Esko

Lord Knows Lyrics – JJ Esko

Lord Knows Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2021 sung & Written by JJ Esko. The music label is JJ Esko.

Lord Knows Song Lyrics

Fuck Them, I Send ‘Em Back And Forth
I Always Wanted Things I Couldn’t Afford
Never Really Cared About The Law
First Time I Made A Bag
I Flipped A Pack And Seen It Pour
In Another Fucking City
Ran In Traps And Got Him Bored
And My Mind Don’t Stop
Cah The Grind Don’t Stop
When I Go And Make Salat
Is When The Line Turns Off
I Ain’t Been Trapping In A Minute
I Still See Them Man And Spin It
If They Come Round Here They’re Finished
Told The Govs That Imma Kill It
I Know It Hurts But There’s Nothing That You Could’ve Done
Flying Birds, Doing Things
I Never Should’ve Done
And I Was Hurt But I Swear
I Never Done Her Wrong
Money Come First And
That Pain Had Me Feeling Numb
Running From Police
Come Like Tony Montana
Swinging Like Khabib
Got The White Like Dana
‘013, I Was On The Run Like Farah
Lost Couple G’s
I Just Pray They Go Jannah

You Ever Felt So Low And
You Just Wanted To Breathe?
I Fell Asleep Last Night
I Seen My Mum In My Dreams
And Fam I Should’ve Been Rich
But I Was Lost In The Beef
But When Your Heart’s So Pure
There’s No Cure For The G
I Was Banging Or Trapping
Or Eating Prison Food
They Don’t See What You Do
But What You Didn’t Do
Had Me Delivering Food Like It’s Deliveroo
My Girlfriend Thinking I’m Rude
I’m Never In The Mood
Man Are Talking Opp Blocks
Never Had It Locked Off
Used To Have A One-Pop
We Done Him In A Droptop
I Never Had It Akh So
I Took A Man’s Chain And Never Ran It Back
North Face Trackie, I’m The Man In Black
It Weren’t Part Of The Plan
Now I’m Out Licking Shots Like Baba Azam
It Was Half Of A Gram
Only Did It For The Money
Free My Dargs From The Can
Came Back With A Bang
And I Still Let It Bang

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Lord Knows Song Details:

🎶 Song – Lord Knows
✍ Writer(s): JJ Esko
🎤 Singer – JJ Esko
🎧 Music Label – JJ Esko

Lord Knows Song Music Video:
Lord Knows Lyrics – JJ Esko

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