King & Knight Lyrics – Lighter & Princess (OST)

King & Knight Lyrics - Lighter & Princess (OST)

King & Knight Lyrics – Lighter & Princess (OST)

King & Knight Lyrics – This is a famous Song from the Chinese OST drama “Lighter & Princess”.

King & Knight Song Lyrics (English Translation)

Everything Is Different When We Watch The Sky From The Sea Bottom
The Person I Used To Be Is Gone
No Longer Believed A Person Could Save Another
Until When You Broke Into My World
Even If The World Fell Apart Into Darkness
We Would Bloom In The Darkness
The Knight And The King
Like The White Sails In Night Navigation Are Protecting The Ocean
See A Clear Direction
In Which A Touch Of Golden Color Flickers At The End Of The Wheat Field
Even If I Am The King
With Supreme Glory, Everything Is Meaningless Without You
All What I Did Is To Make You Remember
The Way Everything Was When It Started
If I Am The King
Who Is Proud And Arrogant Like Wild And Wind Weeds
Only Want You To Be At My Side Whatever It Takes
And Everything Is The Way It Used To Be At The Very Beginning

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King & Knight Lyrics – Lighter & Princess (OST)

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