It’s Something In Me Lyrics – G Herbo

It's Something In Me Lyrics - G Herbo

It’s Something In Me Lyrics – G Herbo

It’s Something In Me Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung & Written by G Herbo. The music label is G Herbo.

It’s Something In Me Song Lyrics

(It’s Something In Me)
Let’s Get It
(It’s Something In Me)
Let Us Get That
We With That
Yeah, Yeah, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh
I’m Rappin’, This Real Rap

I Could’ve Been Had Features, I Wasn’t With That
I Was In The Streets, Tryna Get My Get Back
Niggas Sitting On Benches Now, But I Had Played The Bleachers
Niggas Try To Flex For Hoes, But I Had Had Them Sneakers
I Was In The Trenches With My Glick With A Stick (Thirty!)
Same Bitches Act Like I Wasn’t Shit, Suck My Dick
All The Lit Bitches Come Around Now I’m Rich
But I Don’t Give A Fuck ‘Bout Shit Now I’m Rich
Got To Watch Out For My Homies Now I Feel Like Mitch
I Don’t Conversate With Niggas They Might Feel Like Snitching
I Be Onto All You Niggas, Guess I Feel Like Ace
Except Niggas Gone Get Shot Right In They Face
I Like Stayin’ In My Place
I’m Out Of Place, Catch Me Cruisin’ In That Lamb Or I’m Out Of Space
Niggas Been Hoes, They Tryna Get Chose
Niggas Been Hoes, They Just Ain’t Been Exposed
Ain’t’ In Niggas Business, Don’t Be Snifffin’ With My Nose
Don’t Like Niggas Energy, I’m Chilin With My Bros
I Live In LA But Don’t Be Playing With My Nose
Think I Still Live In Chiraq Cause I Be Staying With My Pole

I’ma Blow That, Fasho Dat
I Know How To Tuck A 30, Don’t Show That
Rich As Fuck But I’m Still Herby
You Know That I Got Cherry Turned Into A Gremlin, No Kodak

Still Quick To Do A Nigga Dirty, You Know That
Sticks And Stones Probably Break My Bones But I’ll Never Let A Word, You Know That
Quick To Hop Up In That Foreign Swerv, You Know That
I Got Cake My Brother Got Some Cakes So We Merge
Folks In There Straight, Took Off On The Jakes, So We Heard
Ain’t Leave A Trace, Snub 38 So We Heard
A Lot Of Niggas Born In The Trenches But Be Nerds
I Got Some Killas That’ll Kill A Killers From The Burbs
So Don’t Judge, Books
We Got Thugs Shook
That’s My Cause Look
Got You Niggas Shook Still
Blow That Fire, I Know How That Feel
Niggas Die, Know How That Feel
Boy Don’t Look At Me Get Killed
Real Niggas With Me That’s Gone Kill For Me
I Don’t Gotta Kill
I Got More M’s Than Your Deal Worth, Don’t Gotta Deal
Anytime I Sign A Deal, They Don’t Own Nothing
And I Be Clutching On That Steel, Feel Like You On To Something


But I’m Gonna Blow That Fasho Dat
I Know How To Tuck A 30 Don’t Show That
Rich As Fuck But I’m Still Herby
You Know That
I Got Cherry Turned Into A Gremlin, No Kodak

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It’s Something In Me Song Details:

🎶 Song – It’s Something In Me
✍ Written By G Herbo, Produced By C-Sick
🎤 Singer – G Herbo
🎧 Music Label – G Herbo

It’s Something In Me Song Music Video:
It’s Something In Me Lyrics – G Herbo

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