Innocent Lyrics – Giggs

Innocent Lyrics - Giggs Innocent Lyrics - Giggs

Innocent Lyrics – Giggs

Innocent Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2021 sung & Written by Giggs. The music label is Giggs.

Innocent Song Lyrics

Militant, All My Killers Diligent (Yeah)
Thinkin’ That They Innocent (Yeah)
I Was With Gorillas In A Tinted Whip (Whip)
Bunch Of Legal And Illegal Immigrants (Yeah)

Peachy Freak, She Hella Sick
Better Drink It Like It’s Lemon Sip (Haha)
Niggas Talkin’ Peckham, On Some Jealous Shit (Yeah)
I Brought Casanova Down To Yellow Brick
Black Status
Even When They Linked Up, Man Slapped Any Backstabbers (Ah)
Eve Grabbin’ Apples So We Clapped Adam (Adam)
They Came For My Throne, I’m On A Black Dragon (Hurr)
Got That [?]
Niggas Weaker Than Some Newly Borns
Real Nigga, That’s My Uniform (Switchin’)
She’s Like, “What’s Up Giggs?”, She’s My Unicorn (Ah, Ah)
But If My Iphone Rings, That’s My Booty Call
Pull Up Kinda High, Pull Up Kinda Lit (Lit)
Why’d You Wanna Stay? But I’m Tryna Dip (Tryna Dip)
Niggas Stuck On Ends And They Tryna Diss (Diss)
On Rodeo Drive, Tryna Write A List
Niggas ‘Bout That Crunch Like You Buy A Crisp (Crunch)
Beg You Come Outside, Nigga, I Insist (Ha)
If I Got That Strap, That’s My Iron Fist (Iron Fist)
Yeah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Wet And Flyin’ Fish (Flyin’ Fish)
Niggas Just A Stack Of Ashes
And I Got A Bag Of Matches (Yeah)
I Just Linked Up [?] In Calabasas (Yeah)
Now Remember I’m From Peckham So I’m Kinda Gassin’ (Gassin’)
Niggas Got The Cousin, Niggas Tryna Crack Him
Each To Their Own, If That’s Your Kind Of Fashion (Yeah)
Fat Piece Of Pussy (Pussy), Tryna Pattern (Pattern)
She Sounds Kinda French, But Kinda Latin

Militant (‘Tant), All My Niggas Innocent

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Innocent Song Details:

🎶 Song – Innocent
✍ Writer(s): Giggs, Produced by SWEENEY & Arizona
🎤 Singer – Giggs
🎧 Music Label – Giggs

Innocent Song Music Video:
Innocent Lyrics – Giggs

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