Gangsta Art Lyrics – Yo Gotti

Gangsta Art Lyrics - Yo Gotti

Gangsta Art Lyrics – Yo Gotti

Gangsta Art Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung & Written by Yo Gotti. The music label is Yo Gotti.

Gangsta Art Song Lyrics

Day’s Been Cold, Just Like My Ring
I’ll Be Used To I (Yeah)
It’s CMG The Album, Nigga, You Know What I’m Sayin’?
History (Day’s Been Worse Just Like My Week)
You Never Seen This Many Gangsters In The Same Squad (What You Know ’Bout Gang? Oh, Oh)
You Never Seen This Much Money With No Issues, Know What I’m Sayin’?
You Never Seen This Many Big Dawgs Come Together, Nigga, Yeah (What You Know ’Bout Gang? Oh, Oh)

Extortion Still Exists (Yeah)
Orchestrate The Blitz
When We Was Kids, I Thought That Corner’ll Make Me Rich
It’s Forfeit ’Til I’m Torched ’Cause That Mean More To Me Than This Bitch
Give A Fuck About You Hustle, That Don’t Mean More To Me Than These Skits (Yeah)
Scorin’ Up With These Sticks, If You Don’t Pour Enough, I Ain’t Sippin’
Threw Switches On This Blick, But, When He Blick ’Em, They Be Glitchin’
Be Discrete An Keep Yo’ Distance, When It Get Greasy You Can’t Fix It
Always Somebody In Yo’ Mentions
Bitch, You Givin’ The Feds Assistance
They Be Givin’ The Feds Descriptions
I’m Bangin’ The Red Division
My Brother Ain’t Here To Sip With Me, So, I’m Pourin’ Out Red Prescription
These Niggas Ain’t Get No Chicken, They Scared Of Jail, They Scared Of Riskin’
These Niggas Ain’t Sendin’ No Hits, They Sendin’ Attempted, That’s The Difference (Yeah)

Niggas Gang, We Been
Thinkin’ That We Goin’, Like I Ever Went (Thinkin’ That We Goin’)
On The Phone With Chase, Locked My Account, Like, The Hell I Spend?
One Thing I Ain’t Know Is How It’d Go When The Feds Hit (I Ain’t Know That)
Same Feelings Yo’ Man Get, Chop’ Hit His Top And His Dreads Went (Bllrd, Blrdd)
Playin’ Cool, They Playin’ You Like A Fool
I Learned My Lesson (I Learned My Lesson)
Know They Tellin’
No Point Bein’ In These Streets Without Yo’ Weapon
[?] Trillin’, Ridin’ Through My Section
I’m Better Off Than Threatenin’
He Just Pussy, Wet Him
I’m Protected (Bllrd)
That’s My Conscious Checkin’, Nigga (Blrrd, Blrrd)
Nigga, What You Tryna Do?
It’s Already Time To Come Down To It
When They Huddled Up Against Out Draco, Knock They Crowd Loose
All These Trials Never Break Me Down, Mama [?]
These The Last Two Yerks, I Chewed Them First Before I Ever Found Duke
Ridin’ Through, Yeke On My Lap, Cars Back To Back
Nigga Run Up, He Heard, “Blatt”
He Gon’ Die And Not Shoot Back
And There’s So Many People Whacked
He Must Not Wanna Get Me Back
My Opps So Pussy, Nigga Might Not Do Nothin’ To Me If I Left

Day’s Been Cold, Just Like My Ring
I’ll Be Used To I
Every Picture I Paint Must Be Vivid
(Day’s Been Worse Just Like My Week)
Blood, Sweat And Tears On The Canvas (What You Know ’Bout Gangster? Oh, Oh)

Never Got Nowhere Bein’ The Nice Guy (Nah)
Me, I Got It, But, Jit Know The Price High (Up)
Proud Of Mark, I Came Out The House High
Spark Come Out Of The Switch, 4th Of July (Frr)
Diamonds Sluggin’, I’m Back To My Old Ways (Ayy)
Twenty Phantoms Get Chauffeured By José (Skrrt)
Book Me Out The States, They Gotta Translate
How Could Nigga Think We On The Same Page? (Huh)
Everybody Gon’ Shine Together
We Grind Together
Get Caught, Do The Time Together (Gang)
Bitch, I’m A Rebel, This A Fraternity
Throwin’ Them Signs, I Be With The Steppers
Millionaire At A Early Age
This The Lifestyle Of The Young And Paid
I Done Took My Talent To The Global Stage
Look At Him Pourin’ Drink At The Vmas
Stick It To The Same Rule (What’s That?)
No New Friends, Same Old Dudes
Got No Receiver, Paid All Dudes
Should’ve Went Diamond, I Dropped Juice
Underneath My Pillow With A AR B
Paint A Ugly Picture, Gangster A-R-T
In A SRT With A H-O-E
In A AUG, CMG (Three Letter)

Day’s Been Cold, Just Like My Ring (This Is A Pre-Paid Collect Call From ****)
I’ll Be Used To I (An Inmate At ****)
Hate These Words Just Like My (This Call Is Subject To Recording, And Monitoring)
What You Know ’Bout Gangster? Oh, Oh (To Accept Charges, Press One)

Judge Just Gave My Young Nigga A Nat, Hope I Ain’t Next
Prosecutor Been Readin’ My Messages, She Got Me Stressed And Shit
Run Off, I Better Not Catch The Bitch
Fell Out With My Bestest Mans
I Done Dodged A Few Broad Days, Shout That F&N
Dugg Did What? Bitch, Guess Again
Price Just Dropped, I’m Taxin’ Still
Why You Rat, I’m Askin’ Will?
Why You Rat, I’m Askin’ G
Youngin Turned Me G And [?]
Stack My Money And Have Some Kids
Gotti Did Just What It Is
CMG A Hundred Years

Day’s Been Cold, Just Like My Ring
I’ll Be Used To I (It Was Another Dangerous Night In Memphis)
Hate These Words Just Like My (With Police Responding To Multiple Shootings Across The City)
What You Know ’Bout Gangster? Oh, Oh (The Activist Tried To Make The City Safe)

Feds Wanna Know My Whereabouts
You Get A Headshot
Go Against This And Leg Shot
Young Nigga Pulled Up In A Demon With That Choppa
He A Demon, You Get A Red Dot
Real Gangster Out In Memphis
Book Me For A Show, I’m Doin’ The [?]
Mama Told Me She Can Picture Me On The Front Row Of The Grammys With My Legs Crossed
2015, I Was Burnin’ Lights In The Hellcat
Bought My Bro A Scat Pack
He Crossed Me Out, So I Fell Back (Facts)
When The Bum Land, He Say It Didn’t Land
But, You Know I Smell That (What’s That?)
He Sold His Soul To The Devil When He Tried To Sell That (I Want Your Soul)

Day’s Been Cold, Just Like My Ring
I’ll Be Used To I
Hate These Words Just Like My
What You Know ’Bout Gangster? Oh, Oh

Label Full Of Feelings, All Our Entourage Chillin’ (Real Shit)
I’ll Give A Pack To My Niggas If They Ain’t Sellin’
And, I’llrisk It All For My Niggas ’Cause They Ain’t Tellin’ (They Ain’t Tellin’)
First, You Get The Money, Then I Mail It
First, You Roll A [?] And I Inhale It
My Bitch Like Keisha Off A Billy (Billy)
Vacuum Seal The Pack, You Can’t Smell It
That’s A Ton In The Truck, You Can’t Mail It
I Been Eatin’ Spaghetti With A Lobster
Nigga, I’m A Motherfuckin’ Mobster
CEO That’s Runnin’ With The Robbers
We Get Paid On [?] It Ain’t No Problem
Platinum Packs And Choppers
They Make The News And The Charts
Who Turned This Gangster Shit Into A Art? Us

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Gangsta Art Song Details:

🎶 Song – Gangsta Art
✍ Writer(s): Yo Gotti
🎤 Singer – Yo Gotti
🎧 Music Label – Yo Gotti

Gangsta Art Song Music Video:
Gangsta Art Lyrics – Yo Gotti

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