Fuck The World Lyrics – Fredo Bang

Fuck The World Lyrics - Fredo Bang

Fuck The World Lyrics – Fredo Bang

Fuck The World Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung & Written by Fredo Bang. The music label is Fredo Bang.

Fuck The World Song Lyrics

(Uno Got The Streets Goin’ Crazy)
(Yo, Uzi, Run That Shit Back Boy!)

Came From The Slums, I Mean The Bottom Of ‘Em (Uh-Huh)
These Niggas Know Home I’m Comin’ (Yeah)
Swing Yo’ Block, And Crack It, Yeah (Uh-Huh)
These Niggas Die By The Dust
No Therapy, I’m Takin’ Meds (Uh-Huh)
I Saw My Dog Bloody (Okay)
Make A Threat, I’ll Leave Them Dead (Okay)
You Never See Me Runnin’
Feel Like, “Fuck The World,” I Think They All Want Me (All Want Me)
Got Some Skeletons In My Closet, And They Still Hungry (Still Hungry)
I Used To Spin The Bin, I Still Hear The Sirens Comin’ (Comin’)
I Pop A Perc’, Thinkin’ ‘Bout Gee, Feel Likе I’m Dyin’ From It (Okay)
Went To Jail, They Counted Mе Out, Felt Like The Ugly Ducklin’ (Yeah)
I Got Scars On My Trigger Finger, I Had Got Tired Of Bustin’ (Hmm)
Caught A Charge, My Mama Stressin’ ‘Bout The Lawyer Money (Oh-Oh)
Told The Lawyer, “Be In My Favor When They Trial Come” (Okay)
Okay, My Partner Left Me Stranded, But, I Still Let Him In (Let Him In)
Okay, I Said I’m Done With Percs, But, I’m Still Poppin’ 10s (But, I’m Still Poppin’ 10s)
Damn, Somebody Must Be Talkin’, Them Feds Wan’ Take Me In (Take Me In)
[Nicki?] Had Tried To Give Me A Heart, But, I Can’t Love Again (Okay)
Okay, I Might Said, “Fuck Him,” But, I Still Love My Brother (On Gang)
It Ain’t No Woman In The World I Put Before My Mother (Ain’t No Woman In This World)
I Thought [?] Was My Dog, He Talkin’ ‘Bout Takin’ Me (Talkin’ ‘Bout Takin’ Me)
You Put These Hoes Before Yo’ Partner, That Shit Fake To Me (Okay)
A Lot Of People I Gave Love, But They Hate Me (Okay)
I Know Some People Turned They Back, Now, They Can’t Face Me (Okay)
When I Was Down, I Bet My Uncle Wished He Helped Me (Okay)
I Bet My Ex Regret The Day She Ever Left Me (Okay)
I Know Annie Wish She Never Took A Plan B (Alright)
I Bet Bruchelle Wish She Would’ve Picked That Phone More (Okay)
I Know Beedie Wish She Never Fucked My Dog, Huh? (Okay)
I Bet You Miss Me When You Listen To My Songs, Huh? (Yeah, Yeah)
I Used To Hate Yo’ Guts, And You Know What You Did
I Used To Play Yo’ Games, Won’t Be Yo’ Fool Again
Everytime Yo Just Call My Phone, Gotta Keep My Tears In
Fuck A Bond, I Love My Dog, I Pay That Bitch Again
I’ma Ride About My Dog, And Bitch, That’s ‘Til The End
I’m Gon’ Slide About My Dog, And That Me, I Spin The Bin
If I Tell You That I Love You, That Mean We Locked In
‘Cause Ain’t Too Many In This World That You Can Call A Friend

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Fuck The World Song Details:

🎶 Song – Fuck The World
✍ Writer(s): Blvck Uzi, Uno Reyes, Fredo Bang & Decastro, Produced By Decastro, Blvck Uzi & Uno Reyes
🎤 Singer- Fredo Bang
🎧 Music Label – Fredo Bang

Fuck The World Song Music Video:
Fuck The World Lyrics – Fredo Bang

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