Faith Lyrics – JJ Esko

Faith Lyrics - JJ Esko

Faith Lyrics – JJ Esko

Faith Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung & Written by JJ Esko. The music label is JJ Esko.

Faith Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]
If I knew better then I’d do better
Busy tryna be the one, we can’t be together
This a tails never fails, tryna get the Queen’s head up
Licking sales out on bail, tryna dodge another sentence
But it’s life, I wouldn’t change nothing, not a thing
But in your eyes I guess I weren’t nothing like a king
And all this time, I’m focusing on everything of mine
I was young and dumb, I guess it comes with this life
I did some terrible things
Took L’s, came back with some incredible things
And I’m sorry in advance, thought I never fulfilled
And them bridges got burned, they won’t ever rebuild
But for you I would’ve took the whole block to war
But for me they really kept closing the door
And when I sleep I really make bags when I snore
I seen my guys fall out and then we all went to war

[Verse 2]
Couple M’s on my mind
I’ve got Rizq in my hand, I’ve got no reason to lie
Everybody thinks they know what I’m feeling inside
And I lost a couple people, they ain’t even alive
Never ever doubted all the things I knew I can do
Double R, Ralf Rangnick, putting pressure like it’s Man U
If you’re hating then you push me, I just wanna say a thank you
All the things I knew I could be, I just done it like I had to
Fam we be about it, my whole team about it
I heard they’re calling me an opp but I ain’t seen ’em out here
I ain’t busy with a nitty but I’m busy with a flicky
I’m the littest in my city, I give everyone hope
Didn’t learn from them L’s, I was banging on pagans
Jail cells, police cells, I was stuck on probation
Bait sales on scales but I’m getting impatient
Blacked out, Bruce Wayne but I ain’t got no cape on

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Faith Song Details:

🎶 Song – Faith
✍ Writer(s): JJ Esko
🎤 Singer – JJ Esko
🎧 Music Label – JJ Esko

Faith Song Music Video:
Faith Lyrics – JJ Esko

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