Distance (Aide Mémoire) Lyrics – Badshah

Distance (Aide Mémoire) Lyrics - Badshah

Distance (Aide Mémoire) Lyrics – Badshah

Distance (Aide Mémoire) –This song is a Brand New Song of 2021 Sung by Badshah. Distance Lyrics penned By Badshah. The music of this song Given By Boger Music label is Badshah .

Distance Lyrics

Yeah..Uparwale Ne Banaaya Mujhe
Upar Rehne Wala
Uparwale Ne Banaaya Mujhe
Moohpar Kehne Wala

Old School Jaise
Sidhu Moosewala
Nikle Mooh Se Laava
Nikle Hateron Ke Mooh Se
Waah Waah!
Mooh Se Waah Waah

Legendary Focus
Mind Jaise Mirror Concave
Baaki Saare Launde
Gone Case

Move Like A Cheetah
Kutte Reh Gaye Bhaukte
Beat Pe Bithaun
Verse To Khade Karun Rongte

Dilli Se Dubai
Gulfstream Pohncha Raha Hai
Benz Bhi Rakhi Aur
Swift Bhi Chala Raha Hai

Saare Ke Saare Business
Swiftly Chala Raha Hai
History Mein Fail Aaj
History Banaa Raha Hai

Aw, Jo Bhi Hate
Kiye Ja Raha Hai
Badshah Un Sabki
List Hi Banaa Raha Hai

Tere Rap Baasi
Nas Maare Baans Maare, Hai Koi
Jo Inko Listerine Pilaa Raha Hai

Har Saal Pichle Saal
Se Zaada Hate Mili ..Hate Mili
Fir Bhi Har Saal
Kiya Maine Scene Change

Wo Mujhe Chota
Dikhane Mein Lage
But The Only
Time I Feel Little
Is When I Feel Like Lil Wayne

Insane, Since I’ve Been
In Game, Didn’t Change
Look At Me, Still Same
My Songs Being Played
Even In Spain
In Pain, Still I Win This Game

Aa, Mujh Jaisa Milega Kaun
Aw, Iss Saal Firse Girega Bomb
Aa, Jo Bhi Karun Usme Class Hai
Glass Mein Jacobs Creek Nahi
Glass Hai Sine Qua Non

Aw, Mera Flex Level Next Level
Flex Level Next Level
Mera Flex Level Different
Flex Level Different
I’m Not Extreme ..I’m Not Extreme
I’m Just Consistent

Aw, Creed And Money ..Creed And Money
Meri 2 Favourite Fragrance
Meri 2 Favourite Fragrance
If You Don’t Smell Like Either Of Them

Rakho Mujhse Distance
Rakho Mujhse Distance
Rakho Mujhse Distance
Rakho Mujhse Distance
Rakho Mujhse Distance

Aur Baat Agar Legends Ki Na Ho
Toh Mera Naam Mat Aana Zabaan Par
Aayi Samjah?

Ya Dhoondo ??? Par
Bhak Bhosdike
Kaam Kar
Nikal, Fuck Off

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Distance Song Credit Details:

🎶 Song: Distance (Aide Mémoire)
🎤 Singer : Badshah
Music – Boger
Lyrics – Badshah
🎬 Starring : Badshah
🎧 Music label – Badshah

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Distance (Aide Mémoire) Lyrics – Badshah

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