Crop Top Lyrics – Spice

Crop Top Lyrics - Spice

Crop Top Lyrics – Spice

Crop Top Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung & Written by Spice. The music label is Spice.

Crop Top Song Lyrics

Ten Pound A Pum Pum Mhhvm

Pum Pum Shorts And Mi Crop Top
Legs Dem Clean,Kitty Cat Fat
Man A Stare When Me Pass, Dem A Watch Dat
Bumpa ‘Round A Back A Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap
Chanel Purse Fulla Money Like A Jackpot
Tell A Broke Gyal She Fi Stop Chat
Yuh BBL Set Good, Round A Back Hot
Batty Jaw Juss A Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap

Diamonds Dem Dazzling
Champagne Pon Di Plane When Me Travelling
Ugly Gyal A Lose, Pretty Gyal A Win
Sleep Inna Designer, Wake Up Modeling
Buy Weh Me Wan’, Me Nuh Ask Faa
House, Car, Clothes, Nothin’ Me Nuh Short A
Mi Body Thick, Mi Body Fit, Nuh ‘Tand A Walk Yah
And Mi Man A Run Money Like Wata

Nothin’ Less Than Dior When Me Do Mi Make-Up
Closet Fulla Wig When Me Ready Fi Change Up
Every Man Want A Piece Like When A Cake Cut
But Me Nuh Wukky Wukky, Eh-Eh, Me Nuh Stay Suh
Gyal A Pose Like Double Six And When Me Check It Dem A Deuce
Cyaan’ Hold A Man, Everybody Seh Dem Loose
Yeah, Me Got Di Style, Me Got Di Drip, Me Got Di Juice
Carrot Deh Pon Mi Neck But Fi Dem Carrot Inna Soup

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Crop Top Song Details:

🎶 Song – Crop Top
✍ Writer(s): Spice
🎤 Singer- Spice
🎧 Music Label – Spice

Crop Top Spice Song Music Video:
Crop Top Lyrics – Spice

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