Blockchain Lyrics – Money Man

Blockchain Lyrics - Money Man

Blockchain Lyrics – Money Man

Blockchain Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2021 sung & Written by Money Man. Music label is Money Man.

Blockchain Lyrics

Bought a lil’ Polkadot, bought a lil’ VeChain
Bought a lil’ SafeMoon, houses got safe room, party out in Cancún
Fuckin’ with the Coinbase Pro, got Zcash
Fuckin’ with the Robinhood out, got a free bag
And I’m on the blockchain, burnin’ on blockchain, damn, this shit some octane
Chillin’ at the Hawks game, then I hit the trap spot just to get some bags off
20K in a lil’ [?][0:17]
Altcoins in the red, I’ma get ’em half off
My young nigga hit a lick, he sellin’ P’s half off
I’ma go to Mars on niggas, I’ma blast off
I’ma hit Fendi in the mall, I’ma cash out
Bad bitch walkin’ ’round the crib with her ass out
Feds tryna plot on a nigga, but I’m too slick
Every time you see me on the ‘Gram, I’m in a new ‘fit
Rich God made a nigga shirt and it’s slim fit
Bad lil’ vibe in the room and she slim thick
She just wanna bend that ass ovеr, she gon’ take dick
New body Escaladе, damn, this shit a spaceship
You ain’t got at least 20K, don’t say shit
Ridin’ in the C8, damn, a nigga feel great
I be at the spot sellin’ bags, I don’t tailgate
I was on the yacht with Tony Hawk talkin’ big cake
If you gettin’ to the money, then I know you relate
Got a lot of strains, nigga, I just served three states
Almost got too faded burnin’ on Cheesecake, let’s go
She say she want a boss ’cause her boyfriend a cheapskate
Say she want a boss ’cause her boyfriend a real lame
Talkin’ on IG Live, I be spittin’ real game
Rose gold Audemars, rose and white Cuban chain
50K solitaire earring screwbacks
I can get a nigga life took for a few racks
This a new flavor of the month, this a new pack
Been spent that old dead money, these some new racks
Blueberry Melon in my paper got me relaxed
Smokers love a nigga, they be callin’ me to come back
Fell off for a minute, but I had to make a comeback
All I see is hate, nigga, where the fuckin’ love at?
I ain’t with the broke shit, baby, I’m a rich man
I ain’t feel like slidin’ so I might pay a hitman
Felt like Morray when I was broke, in the quicksand
If Quay ridin’ with me with the chopper, call him stick man
I ain’t with the small time shit, call me big man
He ain’t never put no work in, he got soft hands
Pack just came and it’s gone already, nigga
Gotta cash out, I ain’t doin’ no credit

Bought a lil’ Polkadot, bought a lil’ VeChain
Party out in Cancún, fuckin’ with the Coinbase
Burnin’ on blockchain, damn, this shit some octane
Party out in Cancún, fuckin’ with the Coinbase

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Blockchain Song Details:

Song – Blockchain
✍ Writer(s): Dez Wright, Section 8 & Money Man, Produced By – Oscar Zulu, Dez Wright & Section 8
🎤 Singer – Money Man
🎧 Music Label – Money Man

Blockchain Song Music Video:
Blockchain Lyrics – Money Man

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