Being Honest Remix Lyrics – Kay Flock

Being Honest Remix Lyrics - Kay Flock

Being Honest Remix Lyrics – Kay Flock

Being Honest Remix Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2021 sung & Written by Kay Flock. The music label is Kay Flock.

Being Honest Remix Lyrics

‘Stand this
You’re changing, I can’t stand it
My heart can’t take this damage
And the way I feel, can’t stand it
Mmm, I don’t understand this

How you love me? I’m up in the booth (Booth)
Said I’m lying, like show me the proof (The proof)
Get in my bag, put a sixth in a deuce (Deuce)
She like, “Who Wockesha?” Bitch, that’s juice (That’s juice)
And you can’t walk a mile in my shoes (My shoes)
You ain’t throw as much shots as I threw (You threw)
You don’t tote on the Glock like I do
And you definitely don’t bend that block like I do (Like)
Lately, I’ve been feelin’ alone (Alone)
But I’m clutchin’ my chrome (My chrome)
Pray to my mama I’m gon makе it home
Twenty missed calls, I ain’t answеr my phone (My phone)
Then I heard JB ain’t make it home (Home)
They say, “Flocka, keep up and be strong” (Strong)
Nah, why? ‘Cause that shit was wrong (Wrong)
And I told him to keep that bitch on ’em
I got my front, but is you behind me? (‘Hind me)
Get goofy like Martin and Gina
Or get greedy like Keisha and Tommy (Like)
Then get deady like Whitney and Bobby
I brought my pole if she think she gon’ line me (Line me)
With the .30, I move extra cocky
If I ain’t dead or in jail, they can’t stop me (Stop me)
Gotti and Notti and Scottie, my top three (Like)
Need a smooth G to spin, call up Gotti (Gotti)
Sosa with Knockski in lobby (Lobby)
Know a ooter who aim for skullatis
He be buggin’, his name is Lil Notti (Lil Notti)
If I tell him to get ’em, I know that he got me (I know)
So I got him, he stay right beside me (Beside me)
I be thinking like she movin’ Wocky (Funny)
She keep tellin’ me, “Flocka, you got me” (She got me)
Is you gon’ climb for me if it get rocky? (Rocky)
A parole shinin’ through like it’s hockey
Can’t box right now, bullets punchin’ like Ali (Ali)
Gotta keep it, I know they gon’ watch me (Watch me)
And I know that the feds tryna lock me (They lock me)
Ridin’ with it, I hope they don’t stop me (Don’t stop me)
If they do, then it’s gon’ be a high-speed (Skrrt, skrrt)
I pray God take the wheel, hope he got me (Got me, like)

Before I focused on rap, I was sloppy
.40 Glocks used to pop where the opps be
Used to drop hollows now I drop heat
If you speakin’ on the ‘raq, I’m top three
I ain’t talkin’ videos they, watch me
He can’t come to his hood, that’s not me
I’m a one of one, lotta niggas took L’s on a one-on-one
Pull up, hunnid shooters and a hunnid guns
Big bro told me, “Swerv’, get shit straight”
Brodie made it off rap, he used to risk-take
I made two-three mill’ off my mixtapes
All this ice, you would think a nigga wrist ache
I’ve been eatin’ too good, havin’ big steaks
Everybody used to hate, got the shit face
I’m like “Long live Nip’, this a marathon”
But if it really was a race, you in sixth place
Pussy, Swervo gon’ kill if you push me, uh
Gotta take drops, so I been sippin’ Basa, I used to smoke loud on a zookie
And I got security wit’ me, but lil’ bro’ll still pull up with a fully (Brr)
And I’m still Humble Beast ’cause I’m from the streets but I’m quick to pull up on my bully

You know that, go, go, go, ayy, go, go, go
Faceshot, Kay Flock, ayy, blow
Uh, uh, ayy, gang shit, nigga
Gang, gang

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Being Honest Remix Song Details:

Song – Being Honest Remix
✍ Writer(s): G Herbo & Kay Flock
🎤 Singer – Kay Flock prod by ShoBeatz
🎧 Music Label –
Kay Flock

Being Honest Remix Song Music Video:
Being Honest Remix Lyrics – Kay Flock

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