Kodak Black – Oracle Lyrics

Kodak Black - Oracle Lyrics

Kodak Black – Oracle Lyrics

Kodak Black – Oracle Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2021 from Album Haitian Boy Kodak sung & Written By Kodak Black. The music label is Kodak Black.a

Oracle Lyrics

I Went To Sleep Today Thinking About My Nigga Flipper
I Was In The Streets All Day, Try Not To Remember
I’m Heavy Contemplating, I Don’t Know If I Should Send The Hitter
Somebody Tell Me Stop Playing With Him Before I Kill Him
Yo Palé Mwen Ma, Yo Palé Nou Ma

They Be Forgetting To Tell You How, When, And Got In
I’m On A Whole Other Wave, Ain’t Promoting Violence
I Really Be Slipping Everyday But It Ain’t No Robbing
I Just Got Her Some Braces Now She Want A New Body
I Would’ve Picked It Up The Same Way Too If You Dropped It
I Be Sharing The Same Pain With All The Lifers
Tonight I’m Pulling Out The Champagne For All The Lifers
My Brother A Gun, He Has Silencers

I Know You Niggas Be Hearing Me Screaming “Snipe Him”
Mwen Pa Ka Viv San’w, Mwen Pa Ka Viv
Mwen Sonjé’w On Pil, Sonjé’w On Pil
I Sent The Record Label Their Contract Back To ‘Em
I Told ‘Em Send The Shit Back With A Few More On It
I Don’t Want No Girlfriend, Baby, Man, I Want Me A Woman
Even Though I Got Her Now, I’ma Still Treat Her Like I Wanna
Sitting In A Cell Niggas Scared They Might Catch Corona
Like How The Hell I’ma Cry If I Ain’t Got A Shoulder
Mwen Poté’w Monté, M’poté’w Monté


Yeah, C’est La Vie

Map Plédé , Alé Pwizon
Map Pwié Bondié M’pa Vin’n Anko
Shit Was Terrible For A Man Having An Opinion
I Don’t Care How Fine She Is, I’ma Need Her To Go See The Clinic
I Put It Out Like I’m Crazy But I Was Playing
I Heard Everything That Everybody Was Saying

I Went To Sleep Today Thinking About My Nigga Flipper
I Think My Momma House Need To Be Little More Bigger
I Can Hold My Own Dick, Dog, ‘Cause I’m A Man
Say Take These Shackles Up Off Me So I Can Dance, M’pa Janmen Vwè’m

Genw Bagay Map Fè La, Sé Map La

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Oracle Song Credit Details:

🎶 Song – Oracle
✍ Writer(s): Kodak Black
🎤 Singer – Kodak Black
🎧 Music Label – Kodak Blac

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Kodak Black – Oracle Lyrics

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