Dear Alcohol Lyrics – Dax

Dear Alcohol Lyrics - Dax

Dear Alcohol Lyrics – Dax

Dear Alcohol Lyrics – This is a Brand New English Song of 2022 sung & Written by Dax. The music label is Dax.

Dear Alcohol Song Lyrics

Dear Alcohol, A Love Story

Dear Alcohol, Quite Frankly
I Don’t Think You’re As Bad As What They Say
I Mean You Might Be Killing
My Liver Slowly But Everything
Else In This World Is Temporary
So Why Does It Even Matter If I Drink You Anyway?
Each And Every Day

Because When I Drink You
I Mind You In Moderation
Depending On Type, Taste, Brand
And Filtration, I Feel So Uplifted
So Confident That The Average Driver
I Am Suddenly Turns Into One
Who’s Supernaturally Gifted

That Stop Sign? Yeah, I Missed It
But I Made It Home Safe Again
So Who Rеally Cares If I’m Twisted?
I Mean, No Pain Was Inflictеd
And I Didn’t Get A Ticket
So How Dare They Be Vindictive
When There Were No Victims
You Never Lie To Me, Well At Least Not To My Face
Who I Really Am Is A Little Slow
So You Help Me Speed Up My Pace
You Know I Need To Stay In Shape
Which Is Why You Have Me Run Your Race
So We Do Intervals, All Sprints
You Set The Tone, So All I Have To Do
Is Close My Eyes And Chase

Well Actually, I Keep ‘Em Open Because
I Can’t Run You Straight
And You Didn’t Lie, You Just Never
Told Me Too Much Of You Over Time
Actually Increases Weight
I’m Not Mad At You Though
It’s Really Not A Big Deal
Because My Loss Of Self-Esteem
Due To Weight Gain Pales In
Comparison To How Good
You Always Make Me Feel

You Made Me The Man I Am
Well Actually, You Temporarily
Made Me The Man I Wish I Could Be
The One With The Big Smile
Confident With His Own Style
And Personality To Make You Think
I’m Worthwhile
I Mean, The Man That I Should Be
I Mean The Man That I Would Be
If I Wasn’t Always Scared
There’s Other Guys Smarter And
Better Looking So I Just Need To Drink
So I Can Make This Playing Field Fair
So In Reality, You Helped Me Conquer
My Fear, I Could Bring You To Cla**
Work, A Little On The Court
As Long As I Choosed A Drink That’s Clear
I Mean, They’ll Just Think It’s Water
So I Brought You Home The Other Night
And Said Some Things I Didn’t Mean To My Father
He Told Me He Knows I Don’t Mean It
I Just Wish He Would’ve Also Told Me
To Fast-Track My Thoughts So Even My Words
Take The Scenic

Alcohol, We’re Together All The Time Now
I Hope You Don’t Think I’m Getting Too Dependent
I’ve Got Your Back And You’ve Got Mine, Right?
So When The Others Say We Need To
Spend Less Time Together, I Get Defensive
‘Cause What They’re Sayin’ Is Offensive
Tellin’ Me You’re Way Too Expensive
Causin’ Me To Be Aggressive
Rendered Me Defenseless
Are Extremely Deceptive
All Reasons Why They Say I Should Be Apprehensive

They Don’t Know You Like I Do Though
You’re The Only One Who Can Deal With Me
And I Know You’re Down To Ride With Me
Because You Even Told Me You Would Kill For Me
So We Fell In Love, And I Never Believed Them When
They Said You Were A Drug
‘Cause I Don’t Think You’re Addictive
Plus Our Relationship Isn’t Built On Lust
It’s Love, Right? That’s Purely Commitment
But I Soon Figured Out You Weren’t Committed
That You Were Sleepin’ Out With-
That You Were Sleepin’ With Other People
Who You Made Feel The Same Way You Make Me Feel
Me And Them Becomin’ Equals
You Told Me You Loved Me
Tricked Me Into Becomin’ Exclusive
You Would Treat Me Great In Public
But Behind Closed Doors, You Were
Physically And Emotionally Abusive
And No One Knew It, But I Still Couldn’t Quit It
And When They Would Ask About My Scars
I’d Lie And Tell ‘Em They Were All Self-Inflicted
Their Help, I Resisted
It Wasn’t Until I Caught You In Bed
With My Best Friend That I Realized I Needed It
Alcohol, You Left Him Crushed

Alcohol, I Think It’s Time We Break Up
The Scars You Gave Me Are Too Deep
And There’s No Way I Can Continue To
Cover Them With The Use Of This Emotional Makeup
So I Made The Decision, I’m Leavin’
Don’t Show Up To My House, School
Work, And Especially Not On The Weekend
And I Know You Know I Can’t Swim
So I Won’t Let You Pressure Me Off The Deep End
‘Cause That Will Only Soak My Scars
And Cause The Fresh Wounds To Deepen

Alcohol, I Will No Longer Depend
Alcohol, Our Relationship Is Over
Today Marks The Beginning Of Our End
I Decide It’s Best We Go Sober
Dear Alcohol, I Found Out
You Were Even Worse Than What They Said
Sometimes I Try To Remember The Good Times
But You Actually Made Me Forget
Most Of Those Memories Instead

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Dear Alcohol Song Details:

🎶 Song – Dear Alcohol
✍ Writer(s): Dax
🎤 Singer- Dax
🎧 Music Label – Dax

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Dear Alcohol Lyrics – Dax

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