Daily Duppy Lyrics – Young Adz

Daily Duppy Lyrics - Young Adz

Daily Duppy Lyrics – Young Adz | GRM Daily

Daily Duppy Lyrics – Young Adz– This is a Brand New English Song of 2021 sung & Written By Young Adz and Produced by Handz Beatz. The music label is GRM Daily.

Daily Duppy Lyrics

Handz Beatz On The Slab

I Remember Late August And Early September
Was Broke Up On My Face And Thinking How To Get Cheddar
Was Fucked Up Looking At Tally Like “You’ll Get Better”
See, From Young I Went Country, No Worker Ting, Real Trendsetter
A Slim Chance Is A Big Hope To A Real Trap Baby
I Lost 2 Grams Of This Z, Ahlie, It Set The Trap Crazy

He Really Insecure And Traumatised And Acts Crazy
Took The Autotune Off The Mic For One Sec, I’m Back, Baby
I Came In This Game With ‘Caine In My Veins
They Blowing Crack Clouds In Rooms That I Was Playing My Games
Embraced The Bando So Much We Done The Chains In The Name
Two Best Friends From South London Came And Changed Up The Game
Switched Up The Sound, The Videos Are All Different Now
They All Happy And Smiling And They All Get It Now
Niggas Hiding, They Realise This Shit Is Scary Now
But Tell Them Hoes There I Got 20 Thou For His Whereabouts

How Many Smiles I Gotta Pull To Mask Up This Pain?
How Far We Gotta Take This Beef To Prove Our Hearts Aren’t The Same?
And How You Talking Like Some Killers When You’re Harbouring Lames?
Rats Got A Safe Place Around You Now We Laugh At Your Name
Don’t Care How Gangsta You Was Bro, You Took The Stand Man, You Fold
I Cut A Nigga In A Heartbeat, Show Me Proof That You Told
He Was A Young Menace, Say His Name, Bet They Remember Him
Got 30 Years 2 Years Ago, I Ain’t Spoke To Him Since Sentencing
I Keep It G

I Fuck This Rap Shit Off Today And I’ll Still Squeeze For G
Like He’ll Beat For Me Bro It’s Only Me And Me
I’m In This Coupe With Lb, My Phone On Dnd
Cause I Got What I Need
It’s Only Clean Hearted Bangers, Steppin’ When We Have Discussions
He Ain’t Taken His Shahadah, That’s My Brother Though, I Love Him
Bitches Ride For You When You’re Up And All Your Jewellery’s Custom
Catch A Case Or Go To Jail, She’ll Cheat And Still Tweet Like She Loves Him
Bro, These South London Streets Have Turned Me So So Cold

I Know So Many Lifers, I Ain’t Even Old
My Nigga On Remand For That Body I’m Avoiding The Phone
I Told Him “Keep You Head Up You Got This”, Deep Down, I Don’t Know
Bro Don’t Ever Let My Manners Fool You And Think That I Rate Your Gangsta
Behind These Closed Doors You Wouldn’t Make Topic Or Banter
I Post These Rappers Without Asking, My Heart Knows No Malice
I Pray We Make It Out The Jungle Where We Don’t Go Backwards
But Where I Come From, Niggas Grow So Backwards
They Wait Until They Start Get Money Then They All Turn Gangsta
Like How You Waitin’ For A Million Views And Some Shiny Shoes
To Try Rewrite Your History Like These Streets Will Not Slime You Too? I Seen It Happen A Hundred Times, Had A Hundred Country Lines
I Stepped My Size 7 In Bournemouth And Said “This Country’s Mine”
Young And Dumb
Goddy And Domez Up Here Eating Niggas, Crumb For Crumb
Got So Much Pain In My Heart Ima Need Another Lung

Yeah, ‘Cause Ima Need Another Scud
I Told My Girl I Need Another Hug
I Mean My Wife, I Need Another Hug
You See When They Seeing That You Cannot Be Broke, They Try And Break You More
You Trendin’ On The Net But Still Smilin’? It Make Them Hate You More
Young Independent Criminal And I Still Hate The Law
Was Perky-Perky At The Brit’s, I Pulled Up In Your Favourite Sauce
And Maybe When I’m Done With My Probation And I’m In The States
They’ll Fully Accept I’m The Best To Come Out The Uk

Real Rap Don’t Pay The Bills And Half This Real Rap Really Fake
I’d Rather Focus On A Song Like With Adele Or Ella Mai
Chip Told Me Stop Doing This Ufc Or Mma
In A Game Where Its Wwe, ‘Cause You’ll Get Grazed
He Never Saw The Signs He Saw The Gauge
No Bros, Just Sons In This Rap Ting
The Realest ‘Til I’m Bald And Grey

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Daily Duppy Song Credit Details:

🎶 Song – Daily Duppy
✍ Writer(s):Young Adz
🎤 Singer -Young Adz
🎧 Music Label – GRM Daily

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Daily Duppy Lyrics – Young Adz

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